About Me

When I first started using Perfectly Posh, I was excited to be able to provide my family healthier bath and body products without spending a fortune for that peace of mind. After a year as a customer, I decided to start a business because I wanted the discount, AND I discovered that I love reminding women that they are important, worthy and can do anything they dream of doing! Sometimes that means soaking in a bubble bath for 20 minutes with no interruptions (every mom’s dream right?!), and sometimes that means taking charge of their financial and time freedom by becoming a business owner. I’m in a position to help make both of those dreams a reality! I'm extremely thankful that I can pursue so many of my passions at once with Perfectly Posh!

Growing up, my lousy friendships left me with baggage and a layer of armor. I became that "I don't get along with girls" girl. I didn’t intend to open myself up to female friendships when I joined Posh. I wanted the discount; I didn't think much about building a team of women. Over the course of my journey, that armor has been slowly chiseled away by repeated acts of kindness, love, friendship and support!

I can't imagine my life without the close bonds I've formed with my Posh sisters, both in and outside of my team. They are my family and have made me realize just how much I missed female friendships. My Posh sisters reminded me how amazing it is to feel loved and give love in return. My heart is full and I am incredibly blessed to grow side by side with these women every day!

Everything about my Posh journey has reminded me that I am important. I am capable, and I am worthy of a BIG LIFE. I deserve success, loving friendships and a deliriously happy family. I deserve to make my dreams come true. My husband deserves a wife who is happier. My daughters deserve a mom that loves her life and is living it to the fullest of her imagination. Thanks to Perfectly Posh, I am that wife; I am that mom; I am that woman. We are blessed, and we are tremendously grateful!

Team Poshed with Love

I absolutely LOVE my team & know that you will too! Here is exactly what team Poshed with Love brings to the table.

  • Poshed with Love is a team that builds each other up, never tears each other down! We cheer for each other like nobody's business.
  • Our team is inspiring from top to bottom! We have extremely engaging, dependable & successful leaders that are easily accessible on a daily basis.
  • We are truly a tribe, a second family! Being strong all day every day is impossible. We band together & take care of each other both in our Posh businesses & our day to day lives.
  • Our team Facebook group is one of my favorite places on the planet. It's motivational, uplifting & SO MUCH FUN. We help each other overcome obstacles & celebrate each others' successes as our own, because they are! We grow & win TOGETHER.
  • We are super passionate about empowerment, freedom, self-care & spreading the Posh love everywhere we go!

If our values speak to you, join our team. We'd love to have you!


Winter Perkins - Premier Leader of team Poshed with Love